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We all have adventures and challenges.  Lets talk about the FUNGUS BEETLE.  This beetle I raised from a larvae and then he went into the pupae stage for two weeks.  Viola! He came out this beautiful black and olive bug with black spots.  He lived on rotting fruit and a bit of water now and then.

He lived 3 months. That’s pretty good for a beetle.

In my ongoing series of ON THE EDGE OF WISHING, Joey is struggling with a lot of challenges.  He has a brother that he cant beat at anything and a sister that is nearly perfect.  What a challenge for sibling!

But as I write, I find new ways for him to meet his challenges by giving him adventures.  It’s really fun.

What adventure are you experiencing?  Share here…..

Have a good week!


Writing again!

I sat down today and reread all 42 pages of written manuscript for book number 2, in the series of On the Edge of Wishing.

After reading it, I finally was able to feel motivated to write four more pages!  I feel really good about it too.  It sounds good so far.  But I am only 45 pages in and I feel like the conflict is already solved.  That’s bad.

I need about 120 more pages to get to t he 172 for my small novel.  I need to create another conflict to ramp up the story and the ideas.

Writing is so rewarding though. I still am amazed by the things that come out of my head and are transformed into pages and pages of adventure.

Happy writing everyone, see ya next post!

DAY 182

I’ve hit the halfway mark of being retired…. what I mean is its been 182 days since retiring.  Living in a small community, I have thrown myself in full throttle.

But that’s okay.  I love being active and social.  Some say, see what happens when you retire?  I say, this “busy-ness” is my choice.  That’s what makes it fun.  If it was forced upon me, I know I would feel different about the busy-ness.

I looked in the mirror the other day and swear the grey hairs have disappeared. My wrinkles have dimensioned and I’m not as tired as I used to be.

Wow.  THIS is retirement?  Yeah.  So sweet.

I’ve heard about retirement before I actually took the leap. Some people sit and watch TV all day.  I just can’t do that. BUT, if I wanted to, I could. That’s the fun thing about retirement,  we can do our errands another day.  Or another day.  Or another…..

Enough about retirement…  Nah, there is a lot more I want to say.  It is totally fun and I’m having the time of my life.

I really need to get back to my writing though and quit having so much fun!

NO Time!

Here I am again, with my life in the way of my passions! I have finally made the decision to retire from my company of 30 years!  Big decision.  51 more working days!

BUT,  oh so happy now that I get to concentrate my time and energy on writing, blogging and reviewing books for others.  This is my passion.

So, If you’d like me to review a book or do a blog tour, contact me at yaya_key@yahoo.com or danette.key@gmail.com  OR you can message me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/writingsbydanette/  I also am on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/dashboard

I’d love to hear from you!

Have a great week!

On the edge…again

Well, writing the second in the series of On the Edge has been fun.  I can’t believe how true it is when Stephen King said the characters drive the story.  I do have an outcome, but how we get there is exactly that… driven by the characters.  I love writing and creating the characters that I create, it give me such pleasure.

Back to the writing!