Danette’s Musings


Faith is knowing the sun will rise,

Haven’t written anything lately about books and haven’t even really written anything lately. I realized that writing takes a lot out of you and when your focus is off it makes it harder to write. Filling in your mind with other things can make it harder to fill your mind with writing. You would think that was the deal, but filling and emptying is the writing process, right?

What do you fill your mind with?

I am currently living with very small children. My grandkids. They are so cute and sweet and especially innocent. This living situation fills my mind all the time and keeps me engaged with life, this can be good and bad. Does this fill my mind so much that I can’t empty it? Is it the same as if something is so full it can’t empty and the container continues to fill until it finally bursts?

This is a writers dream. To burst. To sit down and write a novel in a few days and empty your brain. That would be my goal too, a wonderful goal.

How do you empty all those thoughts in your head? Do you talk with your best friend, write in a journal, dream?

Share with me one thing you do to empty your thoughts. Make a comment below
Have a great week my friends!

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